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Overview FFXI Black Mage Job Part 2

It is very important to understand the different types of magic despite we have chosen a race. In sell Final Fantasy XI Gil, there are eight elements such as earth, wind, fire, water, ice, lightning, light, and finally dark. All but dark and light have their own spell tiers named for them. For example, Thunder II, Stonega III, Blizzard IV. Any spell ending in the suffix "aga" is an Area of Effect spell, meaning that it will hit every monster near the one its cast on within a certain range. Others are single target spells that only affect the target chosen to be cast on. Light and dark spells from the perspective of the black mage only deal with status effects. For example, Bio is a dark based spell learned at level 10 for Black Mages that does damage over time and weakens the targets attack.
   The other type of spell is names debuff. These spells serve to reduce an enemy's effectiveness in combat and give you a slight edge over them to improve your survivability. For example, Blind lowers an enemy's melee accuracy, Bind prevents an enemy from being able to move, Stun keep an enemy from acting in any way for a couple of seconds and the like.
   A Black Mage with these spells tries to walk the balance of doing damage while attempting not to do so much that the monster kills them instead of a tank or damage dealer. Regardless of how tempted you might be, the trick to this is that you don't over nuke. Over nuking is the process of standing up from resting and casting every spell you can to do damage in succession to try and kill an enemy. If you take this approach, you assuredly will take the enemies attention and be killed quite quickly. Rather, cast a couple debuffs at the beginning of a fight, then after the mobs is about one fourth of the way dead send a couple nukes at them with a little bit of time between them. This way you're not over killing and wasting MP. Let's not forget the not dyeing is important too.
It is the time for you to take endgame activities into consideration after you manage to work out the kinks in your Black Mage routine and scrounge up some decent skill and equipment for your character. Black Mages do insane amount of spike damage when needed and can damage endgame level monster far more easily than melee jobs can in terms of getting invited to an end game group is virtually guaranteed. Just play your cards right by listening to other Black Mages for advice and put a genuine effort into self improvement and you will quickly see people almost begging you to join their endgame link-shell groups.
It draws a conclusion that the Black Mage is a fun job class in depth, which has been around since the initial release of the game in 2003. It takes lots of good gear and skill to do well at this job and people will really notice that when you're doing well and paying attention because there is always a need for more Black Mages. They are defiantly a player favorite between the twenty five jobs in sell Final Fantasy XI Gil. The Black Mage will have something to offer for a great deal of players even those who fancy them a melee job only whether it be to play full time or to have around to help out.

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