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Wrath Design

With the advent of the patch 3.1, it is the time for us to take a look back at the patch 3.0. However, let us examine some of the changes in direction that Wrath came up with, rather than focusing on the specific elements like raids or questing. We will keep to a very simple thumb up or thumbs down system and probably this will span multiple posts.
   The concept of "Bring the Player, not the Class" has proved to be extremely attractive to most of the players. It caught the imagination, and has pretty much been embraced whole-heartedly. As for execution, Blizzard sell Final Fantasy XI Gil has done a really good job. There's a couple of exceptions, such as Death Knight tanks with cool-downs, maybe Rogues in general, and Shaman Bloodlust/Heroism, but overall you don't really need to min-max raid composition anywhere close to what was necessary before Wrath. Just grabbing a good mix of classes is all you need. 

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