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Basic Defense Gearing for DK Tank

We avail ourselves of this opportunity to make mention of the basic defense gearing for DK tanking. If you are interest in this information, you can follow with us to take a quick look at this in depth.
   You want to respec to a tank build and head straight into tanking 5-mans when you're at level 80. Get 540 defense is a very definite step you should take while you want to be the best tank. This will make immune to critical strikes from level 83 mobs, making it much easier to heal you in pretty sell FFXI Gil much every situation, and it's really a prerequisite for serious tanking before any other stat.
When it comes to getting maximum defense, Death Knights are at a bit of a disadvantage. We don't get to wear shields, block rating gear is right out useless for us, and two-handed weapons aren't itemized for defense. Still, it's possible to hit that magic number, even without dual wielding tanking weapons.   

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