World of Warcraft releases pre-expansion patch
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World of Warcraft releases pre-expansion patch

The World of Warcraft v5.0.4 patch that brings most of the new features and systems online from the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion is now live. The update includes new class changes, a redesigned talent system, glyphs, account-wide mounts and achievements and much more.
While playable Pandaren and Monks aren't available until September 25th, there's plenty to chew on with patch 5.0.4. Players will experience the massive talent revamp that eliminates the old talent trees entirely, a spellbook overhaul, AoE looting, cross-realm zones, UI changes, significant currency conversions, and account-wide achievements, mounts, and pets.
The patch will be up following extended maintenance, and our sister site WoW Insider has been hard at work preparing a massive Mists of Pandaria guide for current and returning Azerothians.

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