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WoW Class Druids Guides


If you have no time to sell WOW Gold you can buy it from our website at the lowest price. Here we would like to provide you some WoW Class Druids Guides for you, hope you like it.

In fact, Feral or balance is two good specs. They are both are good for soloing Feral can have two modes of play depending on how you spec. The cheapest wow gold is offered here. You can either tank through everything with bear/dire bear form or you can sneak around and pick em off on by one with cat form. Either way is good. Balance is an ok tree in the first few tiers but when you get insect swarm that's when it gets a bit easier.

At level 40, you can get moonkin form which will make you more resilient than most casters, you have to spec DPS feral until lvl 40 then switch to balance and see which play style you like best. oh and a piece of advice. Do not respec over and over again! It's a waste of money and it cost you from having a good time on your druid. Pick the one you like best and stick with IT! When you hit lvl 80 and your doing nothing but raids and PVP then by all means ask the guild what they need and respec for it. By then, you should have enough money for a few spec changes.

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