World of Warcraft : Wintergrasp PvP Region Overview
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World of Warcraft : Wintergrasp PvP Region Overview


Overlooking the frozen plains of the Great Dragonblight and the inhospitable wastes of Borean Tundra lies a region known to the denizens of Northrend as Wintergrasp. Seated atop a high plateau, Wintergrasp has remained undisturbed for ages, its icy winds howling unheard amongst the ancient titan fortifications that dot the landscape. However, the recent arrival of Horde and Alliance forces in Northrend signals the end of Wintergrasp's long and peaceful slumber, for the clash of iron and the sound of battle will soon drown out the ruins' silent song of solitude.


An abundance of elemental materials and its strategically important titan fortifications are making Wintergrasp the focus of a vicious tug-of-war between the Horde and the Alliance. Much is at stake, and both sides are beginning once again to field various kinds of war machines ranging from catapults to steam-powered siege engines. Read on to learn more about the nature and unique challenges of this new field of battle, and arm yourself with knowledge to guide you when Horde and Alliance clash among the ancient ruins of Wintergrasp.

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