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World of Warcraft : How to Raid Endgame and Maintain a Life


In my last article I talked about how to prepare your character for a raid. This week I’d like to discuss how to raid without raiding taking up all your personal time. One of the most enduring myths in regards to MMOs and specifically endgame raiding in World of Warcraft is that in order to get anywhere in instance progression, you must sacrifice 40 hours or more a week, raiding every night; some have even claimed it is like having a second job, only one that does not pay.


In truth, guilds can (and have) progressed as far as Black Temple and Sunwell with only two or three dedicated raiding nights per week. How far one guild progresses as opposed to another depends entirely on how well the raid members work together as well as how well each individual raid member plays his or her class. The more nights a guild sets aside for raiding, the faster it will progress. For example, it is perfectly possible to progress into Black Temple with only one night per week dedicated to raiding, but it will take a lot longer to do so than if three or four nights were set aside.

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