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World of Warcraft : What to Do With your Shaman


World of Warcraft Correspondent Geoff Grimm writes this guide to the Shaman for beginners, looking to help them make initial choices that will help their characters later in their careers.

Well, I'm back in the game now after a bit of time off and glad to see that not too much has changed. My main (and first) toon is an 80 Troll Shaman (restoration spec). I know, I know... Troll? What was I thinking? Well, I had no idea what I was doing when I made my toon originally but now with the wonderful help of hindsight clarity I would like to help you decide what to do with your shaman! Just a heads up for all of you out there, this article is for someone who is new to the game, I don't get very technical and statistical so it should be easy to understand and evaluate what are the best choices for you and how you can enhance your WoW game experience!

There are three different ways to go with your shaman following your talent tree: Enhancement is a melee shaman, Elemental is a caster (dealing damage from afar) and Restoration is a healer.


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