World of Warcraft : BlizzCon: Reading Between the Lines
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World of Warcraft : BlizzCon: Reading Between the Lines


Garrett uses his column this week to talk about the upcoming BlizzCon and what surprises it might hold.

Lines sum up BlizzCon the best, lines for everything from Morlochs to Jinx shirts. Next week, Blizzard is hosting its own private convention in Anaheim, CA for all things Blizzard. This is an interesting year for the company with allof the rumors that have been surrounding the event over the last few weeks. Starcraft 2 delays, WoW expansion rumors, and the ever looming Diablo 3 news all come into play when Blizzard takes the stage. Can the game company that can do no wrong ever possibly make a mistake? We'll look at Blizzard's three ring circus and how it impacts the industry, fans, and the games to come.

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