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World of Warcraft : Rogue Talent Tree Part Two: Combat


Combat is about… Combat. You go in; you smash or slash face and kill them first before it goes the other way. But seriously, Combat is the tree meant for Rogues who don’t want to take the path of the Dagger. It also happens to be the tree with the highest energy regeneration to make up for its few damage-upgrading talents this tree has and improves on a number of your interrupt skills, granting them length or giving them interrupts, making this a suitable tree against casters, though it offers some support against melee classes.

Tier 0

Improved Gouge

Ranks: 3

         Effect: Increases effect duration of Gouge by (0.5/1.0/1.5) seconds.

         5 seconds is how long you need to avoid hitting and being hit to get out of combat and reenter stealth. Gouge only gives you 4 seconds. Improved Gouge is 5.5. That’s half a second or more to react and reenter stealth to get away or use another opening move. But only go for it if you have spare talent points.

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