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World of Warcraft : Raid Pets


Raiding is going to start for many players soon, if it hasn't already. Hunters, even with the major overhaul of the pet system, every single pet will not maximize your raid potential. While many hunters probably have a gorilla leftover from levelling using the new Volley, that's not really the pet you want for a high level instance. Having just hit 80, and with the call from your guild going out soon, you should probably go ahead and tame that raid pet. This article will show the main pet options and inform hunters where to get them.

         While pet levelling speed has been increased by 30%, it's still a drag to grind mobs just to help fluffy out. Though if your levelling pet is going to be your raid pet and he's only a level or two behind, there's no reason to not just take him along to the raid since he'll be maxed soon enough. The entire point of a hunters pet in a raid setting, much like the hunter them self actually, is to deal DPS. So out of the three pet talent trees (Cunning, Ferocity, Tenacity), raid hunters will want to choose a pet from the Ferocity tree due to its +10% damage boost. The only time a hunter might not want a Ferocity pet is if they have the 51 point BM talent, Beast Mastery, allowing them to tame an exotic pet.

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