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WoW Shaman PVE DPS


Currently, Enhancement is a very low dps spec and offers very few buffs not filled by other classes such as Frost DKs. The cheapest World of Warcraft gold is offered here. While Elemental isn't anywhere near the top, and has buffs replaceable by other classes they are still not as easily replaced as an Enhancement due to the overpopulation of DKs.

As far as gearing goes, Enhancement has hit it harder as well. As a melee class you will be competing for trinkets, neck, cape or weapons sell WOW Gold with all other melee classes, along with Hunters for any other mail gear pieces. As Elemental you will be competing with only Resto for the mail gear and healers or casters for trinkets and other slot items.

In other aspects, your play style is important as well. You will probably always be able to find a guild that accepts you for either spec, so test both out and decide which one you like best. With Naxx making it so easy to find gear, and the dual spec option out there, you have plenty of opportunity to discover which one suits you best.


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