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Ripurfaceoff's amazing Outland guides in WoW


When fighting mobs or doing quests, you want them to be at your level or lower. Can you beat ones that are higher level sell WOW Gold than you? It is a little more doable for a warlock than a warrior to do this but in both cases it is not worth it. You will get diminishing returns on the experience and it takes much longer and more energy to kill higher levels. Try to stick with quests and mobs that are yellow or green, if they are orange your pushing the limits and its going to take you a while to do them. This applies more to solo levelers than group, but you still encourage the same limits. Though, when you first start an instance and pick up all the quests for it, many of them will be red. This is OK because you may not complete all of them on your first run and you will have a full group for them anyway.

If you have any questions or doubts or anything; go to this website and type in the quest name, you can get every answer you need here. Last note, follow guides exactly and do not question it, if your are in town and you could have a quest to turn in but your guide does not say to turn it in; then do not because it is probably a timed quest or something that you could have paired with another group of quests, this is the best outland guide ever make you spent a ridiculous amount of time on it, just trust it.


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