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WoW Overview: Beast Mastery Talents


It is a staple for a build where you want to do damage in WoW World. A 2,000 point crit could become a 2,600 point death-dealer. Tier 5–Requires 20 points in Marksmanship talents and you can buy some cheap World of Warcraft gold to upgrade your character.

If you like Improved Concussive Shot, this offers your normal shot a chance to hit the target, just as other classes own talents. It could be very helpful if you like your target's stunned to allow you to build more damaging attacks.

Scatter Shot–rank 1/1 (A short-range shot that deals 50% weapon damage and confuses the target for 4 sec. Any damage caused will remove the effect. Turns off your attack when used. (123 Mana. 15 yd. range. Instant. 30 sec. cool down. Requires Ranged Weapon. A requirement for True shot Aura.)

This is treated as the reason to put 21 points in the Marksmanship tree ability, and not 31 in another tree. A well-loved talent or ability. Helps stop runners and is our only true interrupt outside of our pets, and their special abilities or the Survival talent Counterattack that you can count on when you need it. What is more, you can enjoy the most secure sell World Of Warcraft Gold here if you need.

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