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3.2.2 Mail information In WoW


At lvl40, hunters begin wearing mail in WoW. Mail armor mitigates physical damage by a significant amount over leather armor, and thus can be thought of somewhat as giving extra health against physical attacks. If you have no time to earn the cheapest wow goldyou can buy it from our website at the lowest price. We will try our best to help you. Hunters after 40 should transition primarily to mail, since there is no drawback to using it. If you're on alliance side, you will find plenty of mail in the AH since you are the only class that primarily uses it.

Don't discount leather completely, however. Some pieces of leather armor such as from easy quests offer noticeably superior stats than green mail; therefore it may be worth sacrificing some armor so as to get better stats. Also, due to poor hunter itemization at the time of the writing of this guide, it is sometimes difficult to find good hunter items that focus on our primary stats. A lot of mail is hybrid shaman gear, which contains properties that are not as useful in PvP such as mana regen. Sometimes, hunters could take measure to wearing leather to improve their DPS. Would you like to buy professional sell World Of Warcraft Gold? If so, please come here and our website will never let you down. Just feel free to contact us at any time.


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