WoW Focus On: Team of Priests.
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WoW Focus On: Team of Priests.


From the President of the American association Nokaru Deus Vox, said: we started in the battle DuYa use discipline pastor. In the process of the earth shook, the discipline of shield can provide effective pastor of the life. Some people think that before the priests dozen copies of the discipline in PVP in WoW because they won't switch using the talent, but now do not remember who have objections. The preacher was discipline talent, not regular PVP PVE in general talent. But this because DuYa copies, god sp circle of healing had CD and soul guard talent, discipline in 25 copies priest becomes more and more important, even endanger of god.

Extremely abnormal efficiency the priest is to discipline superiority injury prevention ability. Shield is very strong. Add in the raid, discipline priests can ascend shield HP each team effectively. A well equipped precepts pastor shield can absorb more than 9,000 damage. No doubt, in some hard, can foresee have plenty of damage, explosive shield is very strong. From the Blood of the American Legion guild Lawliepop said: shield is very creepy efficiency. He tested value for the efficiency of the shield 1.512803004; this means a mana can absorb 1.51 damage. sell World Of Warcraft Gold services are served in our website, you can buy them at lowest price as you need, and our customer service is also the best. Please place an order at any time.


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