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WoW Feast of Winter Veil


Miser is simple; take a snowball to the thunder blood foot cliff Kane lost it! Mason in the Orgrimmar bank rescue to find Goblin NPC level sell World Of Warcraft Gold before the reindeer Mason received the task, and then go to Tanaris off the southeast Gulf of the South China Sea pirates sail in to rescue the camp, on the reindeer dust can use props.

First bank in Orgrimmar smoke before forest farms to find fine then stolen Feast of Winter Veil gift task, then go to the Alterac Mountains Hill Brad Hill found to be frozen into a snowman detective. Assistant first outside the capital to enter the joy of making machines in the winter scene into a winter dwarf, and then enter any battlefield honor for kills was 50. When you are killed in the battlefield, dwarf disguise will disappear, but the number has been received will be retained on honor for kills, you can repeatedly change into a few more dwarf winter battlefield to accomplish this achievement.

WoW Feast of Winter Veil Gourmet little gingerbread, egg and milk formula wine and hot cider in the activities of the capital, goblins Department has to sell them directly on the sale of part of the material. To the field of small egg can kill birds in low-level access. Here recommend a good place to play a small egg, and that is outside the city on a variety of low silver level Lung Ying, swap rate is very high, almost all out Calvary 1-2 small eggs. Can play some more thrown into the auction to make lazy money.


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