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Want to change nation in FFXI?


Want to change nation in sell Final Fantasy XI Gil? Is worth changing nation? One of my friends said to me: I am on Asura Server; I am in Bastok Nation which is NEVER first and almost always third. I think bastok is okay, but the surrounding area is duller than a stump. I have my ring from them so that was the only benefit. Now is it worth it to change nations? I just hit rank 5. I have a fair bit of CP. But I am considering moving to sandy because the city is better, surrounding area is better and I have a much better ability of doing the outpost supply quests when my nation actually controls more than S/N gusta and the Valkurm Dunes area.

Anyone who can help him? While you can get all your OPs back if you switch back, the period where you don't have they can really suck, especially once you're further advanced in the game. I switched from Bastok to Sandy to do the Sandy missions, and Sandy never ever got control of a single Northlands region in the entire two months I was with them. It was a huge pain having to try to find a tele or hike all the way up the mountain every time I needed to get up there.

If you have noticed another area that does particularly well in regions you'd like to get OPs in and don't already have, it might be worth switching. If you really want to do the missions, it might be worth switching. Otherwise I'd stay where you are. It's really not worth it just for a change in scenery.

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