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Do you know how to make gil ffxi?


Do you know how to sell Final Fantasy XI Gil? Maybe yes or maybe no. How to raise money is the question that has plagued the adventurers of Vana'diel more than any other. We collected answers in our survey from adventurers everywhere.

To make 3 million gil within two months, you really have to focus your efforts. Forbid yourself from doing any leveling or missions. Do quests that reward gil without using the Auction House. Gathering Tiger Fangs at the Glacier is a great place to start. Also, use points earned in Besieged to buy gold coins and sell them on the Auction House. - Ikigiren of Shiva

Start by drawing up a graph with the 60 days for the X-axis, and 3 million gil for the Y-axis. Mark down your progress every day, and after two weeks you should have a good idea of your earning power. You have to be willing to change your methods if you seen a drop in productivity.


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