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Upcoming Hunter Nerfs

Without doubt, you may aware that Hunters have some nerfs coming to us in 3.0.8. By now, the upcoming changes we will make discussion in-depth. Let us get down to it in detail.
   Hunters of all specs are doing too much damage in PvE in particular Beast-master. We tested this a lot internally in beta and knew Hunters were high but we hoped other classes would be able to catch up in a way they have as yet been unable to do. We want to be careful not to hurt hunter sell Final Fantasy XI Gil DPS too much in PvP, so we are taking most of the damage out of Steady Shot and Volley. Beast master Hunters are in addition losing some of their pet DPS. We still want BMs to have the best pets, but pet DPS numbers are a little high at the moment. We are also still concerned about hunter survivability in PvP and taking the opportunity to jazz up Deterrence into something that looks and plays a little more interesting.

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