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Something About Resilience

Right now resilience makes a little impact in PVP encounters that the risk to using PVE gear over PVP gear is minimal. It is very possible to hit 600-700 resilience with a decent complement of PVP gear, but this only reduces damage from crits by about 17% at best. In its current design, resilience does nothing to reduce normal or non-crit damage. Probably the trend of using lots of PVE gear will continue throughout Season 5 until more Resilience shows up in PVP gear or its coefficients or ratios changed.
   This seems far too much of a band-aid approach from Blizzard sell FFXI Gil then a sustaining solution. On the one hand, it becomes very easy to jump into PvP with PvE gear to its players over saturation. However, this can be attributed to Blizzard failing to put in suitable PvP gear in preparation to Arena Season 5 starting. The crafted blue item sets did not come close to cutting it. We should have been able to get the gear before the season started, plain and simple.

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