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Tips for FFXI new players


Welcome to our site. Here we have eight tips for you which How to sell Final Fantasy XI Gil for sale in game. a) Great skills to boost INTO are Composing and Music knowledge.

b) Manna cost of skills: as a bolt skill increases in level, so will its manna cost. Ice bolt starts up cheap, but at rank 5, which you are at, it costs 4 manes per charge. Lightning and Fire bolt also cost the same amount of manna. c) You can learn all 3 bolts from Lassa in the magic school. Do not really see why it is worth it when you can pay and learn from the books instantly? d) Eat berries to increase your INTO and DECKS. e) Starting age: unless you plan on letting your character sit for a few weeks, do not recommend starting at age 10. If you start that young, and level up, you will get NO INT. Only after age 15 or so will you start to get INTO as you level up. For reference: It started at age 17. f) Manna potions can be purchased from other players only, if you need them: no NPC store sells them. You can find them as regular monster drops from wolves, skeletons, skeleton wolves, a lot of monsters drop manna potions. Manna 50 can be found in end chests of dungeons. You can also make your own potions with the potion making skill in FFXI.

g) Level up bolts is not difficult at all. What you can do is make a party with just yourself in it and then set finishing option to anybody finish. It is possible to level up bolts extremely quickly in this manner. This is best done outside and not in a dungeon situation where there are other monsters to deal with. More Final Fantasy XI Gold can give you better help. h) Play in day is different from playing at night. Night, the moon Ewes comes out, the moon gates become useable for easy transportation. During the day, the manna tunnels open up in the vast Irina continent, allowing for easy travel there.


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