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FFXI Listed in 2010


We know from the official line, FFXI Listed in 2010, landing platform, in addition to PS3 in addition to including the PC platform! From FF14's videos can be seen, similar to the game and before FF11.

Final Fantasy XI for the same people had joined the next-generation game development. They are trying to make it different from the past Square-Enix games. Official has revealed some of the features of this game: such as stream of data uploaded, more combat, Microtransactions, monster refresh, more concise menu and so on.

Occupational system: producer to focus on weapons, weapons will determine the player's game and methods of combat and growth, this and the previous system of different career, SE will continue to improve the system. Weapons will be the theme of this game sell Final Fantasy XI Gil, by switching weapons, players can be freer to choose their own role. Of course, the prerequisite is to have the appropriate proficiency.

Through some special way, some players can be Solo's. But as previously mentioned, in the Final Fantasy 14 no experience and Dengji but of natural growth system, players should take the initiative to learn more about the world, accept and complete a variety of tasks, and teammates to start adventure to explore the unknown world if some players find it impossible to integrate into, or you can select part of Solo content.




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