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There are some things hard to care

sell WOW Gold left me with a deep memory. That was three years ago back, three years ago, the day, when

I was a well-known high school classes, sit in after a vacation and suddenly one day at the official

online to see this game, as if the time from this moment on is to accompany me along with three years.
  Then I took time out under the game. And then go to buy some necessary online gold, at that time was a

non-PK green game, when people are still playing this game a lot, almost every team in front of all tasks

waiting in long queues, so I hastily looked Information will be downloaded under the novice.
  Download exhausted duly landed in the snow. Since then, the client is not large, so the game less of the

fun, and then there is plug-in due to wonderful online game, and many people use improper means to upgrade

cheating, leading to I know a lot of high-grade, one after another left the Adventure Island.
At that time I also do not know the role of plug-ins and harm only know that an illegal process. And the

dream of a different country, playing for nearly a year to upgrade began to feel the hard, patiently, day

after day lower, but at that time no money, had to give up the last few months, for the first time left

the game.
  Wait a few months later, when I return to the game, it already has four forward, God opened Kimura and

other maps, Moreover, has begun to limit the grand wedding ring, because I was in the first left, So, do

not buy a wedding ring. Fortunately, someone sent me one before to avoid the occurrence of a crisis.

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