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Some ways to sell WOW Gold

sell WOW Gold is very important for every player, so you should have some special ways to get lord of

the sell WOW Gold. Now I will give you some.
I talk about some requirement at first. The role is 70 levels thief. The equipment requirement is very

general and it is T2. The aim place is BRD.
  In general, you can get 200 lord of the rings gold for an hour. Now I talk about the aim for FARM.
1. Big devil: the price stays around 10 lord of the rings gold for a long time and this reason is very

easy. If you want to change new weapons, you need cost high lord of the rings gold, so the quantity demand

of big devil is very balance.
  2. Fire elite: the thing works in the above 20 levels fire repel and the price is 100 lord of the rings

gold, but it is not fit for all situations and it is fit for above a spot. Now there need it in the

market. Then I say the steps.
 a. Entry BRD, and open the gate on the left.
b. There is a fire element in the front. You can be easy to kill it in the 70 levels. The price of new

medicine water is very high, 30 lord of the rings gold, and so fire element has value.
c. Go down, you will meet a stone man on the left. I advise you ignore it, because it is very hard to

defeat it, so it only waste your time and energy.
d. Go right. Then you will meet the first fire boss. You can get much element from it.
e. There is a hall of crafting.
f. Pass through a hall. You turn left and you will find the first room. Then you will find an old man and

a dog. Now your aim is to kill them. You will get what you want.

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