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The test for FFXI


FFXI has finished 3 alpha tests, it is a pity for those who did not get the chance to join the test, but it also was not an enjoyment for those who joined the test! Because of countless bugs, players wasted half of their time on login and logout. In a not exaggerated word, players just tested login and logout, and their reports are nothing but complaints. The 3rd test ended just after an hour.

You may have watched the first alpha test video before, and you may feel boring to see the player try to login sometimes and the loading could last more than 3 minutes, that is why he recorded a 2-hour-longed video while he in fact just play half hour. Login was a big problem in the first alpha test but still existed in the third time. The game crashed frequently and the official had to end the test after one hour, just got tons of complaints out there.

Three times of alpha test just provided limited contents, adding with oceans of problems, it just gave us some screens of game sell Final Fantasy XI Gil and simple reports on the gaming system, in depth report was impossible, that is why no more reports after the first test. The date of next test is not announced, we hope Square Enix can fix the bugs, at least make sure the test can be finished.

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