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FFXI: Tips for game


If you would like pet to go after enemies that are engaging you or your team in FFXI, input pet guard, and your pet gladly obey. You can also design the name of your pet. You should make well use of your pet and let it be effective. These pets are your friend; although they have something to do with your sell FFXI Gil.

More importantly, death now means something. If you die and have not scanned in your character recently, you will lose experience, something you will want to avoid as much as you can. In this section, we have put together some tips and strategies that we have gathered in our time playing the game. Here is something about how to use pets in this game. Surely these pets must be used some credits to exchange. Pets are the creatures that bureaucrats and engineers can create to do their bidding for them. They mean the difference between life and death for these three professions. However, unless you know how to use them, they will stand around doing nothing. The most basic command you can give is pet attack, which will cause your pet to attack the currently selected target in game sell Final Fantasy XI Gil.

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