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The experience of earning money with businessman

I do a businessman for two months in the game. I always have made more than 1000w Maple story mesos and more than 3000w equipment and about 1000w cash. So my experience does not fit for men with much mesos.
  My cost is around 50w. The key is to resell slave card, black fox, ghost woman, roll egg and mummy. I believe that everybody knows what the important card is. Then you can begin to buy the equipment. My suggestion is not familiar with the profession, and equipment does not accept, unless you have already asked your friends about that. My knight earns some money, but it spends much time to sell it.
Consumables, I collect two things when I do not have enough mesos to upgrade in the early day. That is steel and branch. This way I open the store for a week, and I earn 1000w mesos. You should adventure to get some things, but my opinion is not to collect those nice and the utility is high, such as clown hat, because this time you have not so much money to the backlog, may be able to sell high price, or not sell, you should do the high price business such as the knight metal helm.
  Many people would like to get the thing. So you can sell it by good price, and lots of girls like rabbit ears. So you are not worry with the selling road. I feel the business of angel hairpin and devil hairpin does not imagine doing so good, you only can earn 600w mesos for five days and the business of proficiency is not good. The main is that I am afraid of losing my cost.

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