Level 14 Twinks are very good
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Level 14 Twinks are very good

  The Horde can pretty much rock out with any

of the 4 major level 10 Twink classes, due to Wingblade and Slayer Band. On the Alliance side, Hunters are probably the best of the bunch, followed by Rogues. The extra Off-Hand Agility Enchant is the best part about the rogue, so sacrificing the better Main-Hand weapon is a little easier to deal with. Warriors and Paladins on the Alliance side are a little more difficult without the Wingblade, since their Main-hand damage is severely gimped.
   Level 14 Twinks are very good on the Alliance side. Warriors and Paladins have access to a 21 dps 2hander at level 13 and you get the added bonus of a few more skills that were not available to you at 10. This is probably

your best option if you are interested ina 10-14 Warrior or Paladin Only Warriors and Paladins will get the block, parry, and dodge increase from defense rating. Otheclasses will be missing parry, or block, or both. This does not mean they are the best, but, they will get the most out of the def enchants.
  Conversely, Rogues and Hunters get the mostfrom Agility. Since Agility translates into attack power for Rogues and Hunters, they will benefit more from Agility.You can easily get a Hunter or Rogue above 90% dodge and a Warrior or Paladin can get a combined Block/Parry/Dodge of 100%.Unfortunately, casters classes do dot really do so well at level 10. They often have their spells resisted, and that usually spells death for a caster. Level 14 is no  half bad, and it is something I am exploring, but, I will save that for another time.

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