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The best leveling route for Knights

The best Maple Story mesos making and leveling route for Knights is very easy to do. I have been playing Maple Story for almost one year and summarized a very excellent leveling route for Knights. Do you want to have a look how I make it?
Level 1 to 10, in rainbow village to do the task, when they are all done, it is also the moment to change jobs, it is recommended to have all the tasks done at this level, because if you make Maple Story Gold here at a higher level, it is not worthwhile.
  Level 10 to 20, it is preferably to find someone to lead you the way, if there are friends, let your friends bring you steal pudding, you can accumulate experience fast in this way.
  Level 20 to 30, you can go to do the level 21 task firstly, where it will a bit slow, but there is a faster way is to buy cheap MapleStory mesos.
  Level 30 to 50, it is better to ask people to help you with Carnival, 30-35 is a bureau-level to open a two, Level 35 to 40 is a Bureau of multi-point, and level 40 to 45 is a two Council.
  Level 50 is a two or three Board level, if the institution to double on the faster.
Level 50-78, because it is petty bourgeoisie to upgrade the road, so it is normal to use mesos or directly to find leveling agent.
  Level 78-100, go to saint wood bird map, where the upgrade is very easy, so that if there are ways to get four times experiences, only if you experience it you will know the pace of upgrading. Level 100-120, go to ulu estate is easy to upgrade soon.
  Above 120, it should be able to play by their own, and can then add some class with a few main skills to venture the Maple Story land. Used the above method, your level will soon be going up, and the MapleStory mesos must also be the best.

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