Star Trek Online : Kobayashi Maru Volume 5
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Star Trek Online : Kobayashi Maru Volume 5


         We're starting the Kobayashi Maru again and this time we've let our community create the scenarios. This week is brought to you by Temtavia. Great Scenario.

         This scenario presents the captain with a grave dilema. Your starship has detected instabilities in the emissions of a nearby star, which your science officer informs you is about to undergo a significant increase in energy output that will result in the sterilization of any life in the system. You decide to investigate the system and upon arrival detect lifesigns. One set of life signs are present on an m-class world orbiting the star within the lifezone and a second life sign eminating from the asteroid belt. Upon further investigation you discover that not only will the star's instability kill everyone at both locations, but it will happen in the next five hours. You have scanned both colonies and your scans tell you that your ship is only big enough to accommodate one group of colonists, leaving the other to its doom. What do you do?

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