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Angels Online : PK Systems Guide


         The Angels Online  team has already introduced the PK system, including the Totem Battle and the Holy Battlefield to all players, but that doesn’t mean that players will be able to excel at PK after they’ve read through the basics. Today they’re going to detail a little more on how to be an PK expert in Totem Battle and Holy Battlefield.

         All guilds are welcome to take part in the fiercely competitive Totem Battle to capture totems and materials. Combat usually lasts for 2 hours and can be intense. Players need to cooperate perfectly with team members, especially in the last half hour.

         1. Preparation before the battle: All participating guilds should gather their online members about half an hour before the battle starts. Remember to carry enough HP and SP potions. Production players should collect enough materials as well so that they will be able to enhance their totem in time. All class’ of players should have full BUFFs ready to go.

         2. During the battle: If a guild doesn't have a totem, it is recommend that it chooses a totem which is close to the main city so that they will spend less time transporting supplies. During the first hour of battle, they don’t need to occupy the totem right away. They can distract their enemies’ attention and let them burn through their supplies in the beginning.

         3. The last half an hour: All fighting players should make every effort to attack the totem, with the main tank first and then mages and priests. The main tank should attract the enemies’ attention so that mage players can attack the totem together. Pay attention! All priest players should make sure to take care of their teammates. If a player has a priest, this is no time to go Rambo on the enemy players. It is recommended that all pets are summoned, especially those pets with high attack abilities. Cooperation among guild members is the most important thing. Disorganized guilds go down quickly in the Totem Battle.

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