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Soulmate Board Function

 sell World Of Warcraft Gold has included a new feature to the Asda Story gold official website today with the arrival of the Soulmate Board.
  Feel free to submit a photo of yourself for the board, which is its intended function, but you are also m ore than welcome to post a screenshot of your character if you prefer. You may find the Soulmate Board link under the Community tab at the top right of the website. Also be sure to include the names of your characters and a deion of their class, build, level, sell WOW Gold and so on. As well as your general hours of playtime so that you can find a Soulmate of the class and level you are looking for who will be online when you are.
  After submission, each Soulmate Board post will be reviewed by the site staff to prevent the inclusion of any inappropriate or offensive images or text and after approval will be posted up onto the Soulmate Board for other players to look over and find you in game or on the forums to meet up with.
  Here is the list of winners for Asda Story Gold Mob Coin Event contest. There were a huge amount of sell FFXI Gil collected game wide, and competition was fierce enough that there were two sets of ties.
  However ROB1NH00D, Bane, and Second still need to be registered into the billing system before it can be given, so those users please send the official a DQA titled Mob Coin Winner Information including your full sell Final Fantasy XI Gil name, gender, birthdate and where you reside.

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