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Join the CB and Win Gifts

sell World Of Warcraft Gold will open its Close Beta test during Oct 12th and Oct 21st. they hold series of Celebrate Events for this Close Beta Test.
  During the test, a player needs to reach a level 10 to enter the First Name Forever event automatically. The system will save the character names in Close Beta after the test to use sell WOW Gold in the future. Players can use the character names when Open Beta starts. However, except the names, all of the data used in Close Beta will be initialized.
  Asda Story gold will give a prize to the 1 user who has the highest level. Among anyone above level 20 and 30, they will get prizes randomly.
  If player has reached level 30, the players are suitable to participate in Above Level 20 and Above Level 30 categories to increase the possibility of getting  sell FFXI Gil as prizes, but he or she will not be getting both prizes from each categories.
  Players in Close Beta will also get the prizes if they post bugs or play longer than 10 hours.
  Asda Story Online is a new MMORPG title developed by Korea based Joyspell. The title has just been changed for English Version and its past name was MICMAC Online.
  it is a game intermediate between alternate reality game and casual game, with fresh and bright style. The characters in Asda Story Online are designed in cartoon style. The title focuses much on scenario and stories are divided into several chapters. Players will feel like they are in a brilliant epic. sell Final Fantasy XI Gil is a title aimed at young age players.

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