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Shadow of Legend : Major Update Today


         We are pleased to announce that a major update of Shadow of Legend is set to release today. This major update aims to provide more places and chances for raiding and treasure hunting. The main changes include addition of new maps, new equipments and an upgrade system associated with them, adjustment of drop rate and instances.  In addition, shadow of legend has recently won Readers' Choice Award 2008 in Best New Game category from popular The game also ranked 4th by a small margin in Favorite Free to Play category. To thank the enormous player support and celebrate the occasion, we will hold a Double XP Day event on Friday, Feb. 20. The event starts 6:00pm and ends at the same time next day.

Shadow of Legend is a full featured 2.5D Free to Play fantasy MMORPG developed by SmartCell. Featuring stunning 2D landscapes, amazing 3D visual effects, 16 classes, numerous quests, extensive equipment crafting, flying mounts, internal bot, pupil-master system, and many more, the game offers immersive MMOG experience comparable to many other subscription based games. For competitive players, the game provides addictive and intense PVP gameplay including Castle Siege, Arena, and open PVP. The major update to be released today rolls out new grounds for new challenges and excitement as players explore and battle across the ever-expanding game world.

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