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World of Warcraft : Ulduar Raid Dungeon Preview


         You may have already gotten a little taste of things to come in our Ulduar Sneak Peek. Now is your chance to take part in the exciting discussions surrounding World of Warcraft’s next major raid dungeon.

         Ulduar Testing Coming Soon

         We’ve provided some new information about how the public testing of Ulduar will be conducted. If you’re looking to help make Ulduar the most exciting and challenging raid in the game, we encourage you to review our testing procedure for the upcoming patch. Stay tuned for more information on the release of the public test realms. Read on!

         Vehicular Iron Dwarf-slaughter

         If you’ve kept up on the information we’ve released about Ulduar thus far, then you're probably ready to hop on a chopper and clear your way into Ulduar proper. If you're hoping to see vehicles scale with gear to keep the initial boss encounter in Ulduar unique as you progress, you'll want to hear what Daelo, our lead encounter designer, has to say. Read on!

         Hard Boiled

         Have you heard about hard modes in Ulduar? If not, you may want to read the insights our developers have shared about this new feature. Read on!

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