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Sell Anarchy Credits players will be rushing back to the trainer to pick up.

Route's to run for Herbs - First we will run down exactly what your Herbalist skill needs to be in order to gather the herbs, then their usual prices in the auction house per stack of 20 and preferred picking locations: Making maps for routes to run for herbs would be a rather difficult task as herbs spawn locations vary greatly and could waste more of your time than it could help by you possibly chasing down wrong locations. Use the above listed charts and explore these zones in the type of terrain specified for each herb and you are sure to succeed with great speed. If you are looking to raise your Herbalist skill hunt down the herbs in the order Anarchy credits players are listed and within the zones listed, soon you will find your herb pouch full and Sell Anarchy Credits players will be rushing back to the trainer to pick up the next level of Herbalist.


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