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C9 Gold players provide unique rewards and give a significant boost.

The initial 16 missions can be completed for any agent, as long as those agents are aligned with the same faction and are at the same level as each other. The number of missions is not altered or reset by rejecting or failing an accepted mission.Most of the Cosmos missions may only be done once, but C9 Gold players provide unique rewards and give a significant boost in standings. However, pilots have to find Cosmos agents inside complexes to receive such an offer. Epic mission arcs are composed of a series of branching missions that present the player with choices. These choices will determine how the Epic Arc concludes. These missions also increase your faction standing considerably.Doing this will change your map so that any systems that have agents you can use are colored green, hovering your cursor over these star systems will list the available agents along with their respective corporation, level, quality, and division.


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