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Rising Hero in WoW


In WoW, you shall smell the ore in the immense lava pit, and you will forge your armor yourself with what you will obtain. You can get cheap wow gold from our company with fast delivery if you need. No one has ever done this, a secret your immortals kept for millennias. Make a good use of it, May Alexstrasza the Life-Binder protect you always, Champion. With that, the misterious man muttered a spell, and he vanished in seconds. The hero, left alone, knew what he had to do. He grabbed the ore, ran towards the mountain. He balanced himself through suspended chains and got down slippery stairs to reach the core of the lava pit.

His thrower the ore inside, and waited. He put a hand in the lava, feeling neither pain nor heat, as he slowly extracted the Thorium lumps, glowing of a bright red. He took his blacksmithing hammer, and he began hammering the thorium onto a nearby Blessed anvil, in the shapes he wanted to compound his armory. All of this took him a whole day; he did not eat nor drink during the process. After the work, his armor was completed. The secret of the Enhanced Thorium will be kept by him to death. Would you like to sell World Of Warcraft Gold? If so, please come here and our website will never let you down. Just feel free to contact us at any time.

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