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Guides on rising a Hero in WoW


In WoW, the Light forces, which were outnumbered by the Scourge, fought as they never fought before. By the way, you can buy wow gold. The lives of thousands and thousands of innocents were at stake. They had to win, for the Alliance, for the Plaguelands retaking, for Azeroth. Their courage and hope never faltered, even in the most awkward instants of the battle. The Hero himself saw an axe breaching through his helmet's visor, slashing on his right eye, causing it to lost sight. The Clan, though, was slowly obtaining victory, and the battle would have been won.

The Lich King did not want that battle to be won by the Light forces. He summoned twelve of the most deadly of the necromancers of Naxxramas, the dread citadel. He teleported them straight to the battlefield, behind the Scourge armies. There, they immediately began to chant their shadow spells and curses. As the sub-commander shouted Soldiers, stand straight! The Necromancers are going to strike at you, Stand together, for the Light! They finished chanting their first spells. Here you can sell World Of Warcraft Gold. Fatigued and focused on the battle, even with their immense strength, the Wrathlight army could not stand the Necromancer's dark power. They fell one by one, prey to deadly shadow strikes, or by degenerative curses, as only their skeletons fell down to the ground. The sub-commander tried to run and inform the Outposts to leave as soon as possible, while the curses hit him too. His physical allowed living longer, where he is unknown now.


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