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Overview Hunter Class

Due to the exceptional talents, Hunters are constructive groups, they are able to draw mobs and set off several traps that can both sidetrack and tease the enemy, making the hostile mob an easy target for members in the group that are suitable for dealing great amounts of damage. But Hunters are excellent damage dealers, with the main bulk of their damage coming from the ranged attacks they have. Hunters are always looked at as a high damage class, standing in the backline in battles, and raining down harm from afar.
  For Hunters, level 1 to level 10 is teasingly  sell FFXI Gil referred to as the "Dark Ages". This is since the player does not have the skill to tame a pet. Leveling Guides assist by advising you on precisely how to go about with your quests, so you know accurately which quests you should be doing, and which you should not, enabling you to get to level 70 in the best time probable. However, take provision when purchasing a guide, as there are a lot out there that are mediocre, and will be a misuse of your money. 

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