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Captains Strengths, Weaknesses and Roles

If you want to get the hang of captain, you should know a good knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses. So let us take a quick look at those right now.
When it comes to strengths for captains, they do medium to high damage, consistently. They don't do as fast damage overall in shorter fights. But when next to a hunter and champion (who do fast damage in quick fights) they will actually hold their own, damage-wise, over the long haul, especially if they equip traits in the damage line.
Hunters and champs need to put the enemy down fast or they sell FFXI Gil will soon find themselves on the back foot. They tend to find they change from the offensive to the defensive in longer battles, whereas a captain will remain consistent in his tactics, and still have the ability to sustain himself well over a long fight.

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