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Not just say that they do not want to Sell Kal Goens lose me


Sometimes life gets in your way. But it does not get all up in your damn Sell Kal Goens way because it wants you to just give up and let it take control; it wants you to hand it all over and be carried along. Life wants you to fight it, learn how to make it your own. Nobody can take away your pain, so do not let anyone take away your happiness as well. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I want someone to fight for me, just once. I want somebody to be afraid of losing me. Not just say that they do not want to lose me. I want them to mean it. I want them to genuinely be afraid of losing me. You have those people, that just say they never want to lose you, but then one day, they just decide to lose you. I want someone to fight for me. When I am about to leave, they pull me back and tell me that they love me. Tell me what I mean to them. I want them to prove to me, everything that they will never say to me. You say you love me, well, show me that you do. You say you care about me, prove it. You say you do not want to lose me, show me. One day, I hope someone will fight for me.

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