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I just do not want to be someone who let others feel so Sell WOW Gold boring


I hate this game. Could something you wish for be something you have Sell WOW Gold? Could someone you like be the one who likes you? We all have these questions when we expect. I always dream to be another person and have another kind of life. However I know it is impossible. I act like such a happy person, but deep down, I am not. If you could see yourself just for a day, you would see how everyone else sees you. And my God, you are fucking beautiful. I wish I did not hurt. I wish I did not care. I wish it did not matter. I wish I was happy. I wish I had money. I wish I was pretty. I wish I could sleep at night. I wish I enjoyed my life. I wish I could just enjoy food. I wish you were here. I wish you meant it. I wish I meant it. I wish I was different. I wish I lived somewhere else. I wish I did not exist. I hate my life now so much. I hate to be myself like now. I do not know why I have become such a kind of person. I just do not want to be someone who let others feel so boring. I want to have some change. It is so hard for me however. Time just flies. I feel worse and worse.

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