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Life will be not complete without love Sell Anarchy Credits


Most of time, we need make our own choice in our life Sell Anarchy Credits. When we are in the crossroads or some accident occurs, we must learn to make some correct choice in order that we can get rid of it correctly. The poet Beethoven chose freedom from life, love and freedom, because he knew that life and love will lose its meaning and value without freedom. Mencius chose bear's paw if she can not get fish and bear's paw at the same time, because he knew the bear's paw was rarer. Therefore, when we make a decision, we must choose more value and more meaningful thing. First of all, before we learn to choose, we should be clear what is more interesting and more valuable thing. In general, it is relative, take life and love for example; life will be not complete without love, so love is higher prices than life. When we have a clear judgment, we can make the right choice. During World War II, the United States Congress was difficult to determine whether to support the Chinese Anti-Japanese, the results contributed to the Japanese fascist arrogance, and ultimately their own to swallow the bitter pill - Pearl Harbor. We must be more comprehensive to make a decision. We ought to make right choice in the crossroads of our life, so that we can go a string of firm footprints, and realize our own unique life value.

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