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Choose is equal to give up Sell Dragon Nest Gold


Choice and our human are inseparable. All the time, we will face choice Sell Dragon Nest Gold, big choice or small choice; general choice or important choice; good choice or bad choice; happy choice or painful choice. Choice accompanies us with a whole life, between more painful and painful, no one will chose the former; between pain and happiness, all people will choose the latter; between love others and to be loved, we will be very painful to make a choice; between money and position, we want to get both of them, because money and position are good things like fish and bear's paw, when we get position, we want to get money, too, that is to say, we also want to get bear's paw when we have gotten fish. It is not easy to get fish and bear's paw at the same time, so we must make a decision, generally speaking, this choice will make us painful. Choose is equal to give up. If we choose high position, we should give up the opportunity to get rich; if we choose to take the bench, we should give up flowers and applause; if we choose quiet campus, we should give up the hustle and bustle of market. People all want to get fish or bear's paw, or people want to get both fish and bear's paw, but then? We can only say that life is too short.

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