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How Can a Red Mage Solo so Many Notorius Monsters


Given that the Red Mage is the jack-of-all-trades, it dabbles in a little of all jobs, from fighting skills available to Warrior jobs to a few spells from each white and black magic. However, pursuer of many skills, they are masters of none, never having the devastating melee power of true Warriors or intensive magic of white/black Mage. There specialty lies more in enfeeblement and enhancement magic which is geared more towards enhancing themselves and minor debilitating spells on enemies.

So many people thought that the Red Mage was overpowered in sell Final Fantasy XI Gil because it had the ability to do everything just as efficiently as many other jobs in certain situations. You could say that a Red Mage is almost like Kakashi the Copy Ninja from the Naruto Series since he can also do just about every technique that others can do. What many people do not realize is that it takes much more effort for a Red Mage to imitate a different job because they do not have the job abilities that the other jobs may have on Final Fantasy XI.

In a nutshell, the Red Mage will have a good chance of beating that Notorius Monsters if there is a Notorius Monsters can not break through shadows fast enough. Even if they break through a Red Mage will have the ability to make use of Phalanx and Stone skin all the way.


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