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Guide to FFXI Races


It is quite overwhelming to start off in Final Fantasy XI. Up until now, there was no tutorial whatsoever to introduce yourself to the game mechanics and because of this you were forced to learn the game entirely on your own. Quite a lot of curious would-be Vana'dielians is intimidated by the size of the world and the intricacies of the game play and even drop out of the game before things get interesting. sell Final Fantasy XI Gil can feel as if you must engage on a long and frustrating, sometimes tedious, journey before you can bring yourself to begin to fully enjoy, even understand the game.

The Tarutaru are masters of magic, which possess the highest base MP of any class, the best charisma and are tied for the greatest agility with the Mithra. They can make for perfect Mages. However, this brings with it some incredible downsides, including being far weaker in melee combat than other races. They have the lowest HP, strength and vitality. This makes being a melee job difficult, for well geared Tarutaru will be outclassed by well geared competitors of a different race.

The Mithra reside right along with the Tarutaru, and are a balanced race, much like the Humes. They have the highest dexterity and are tied for the highest agility with the Tarutaru. Aside from the lowest charisma in the game, their stats are generally average, with only slightly fewer combat abilities than their all-around average Hume counterparts. Mithra best make Thieves, Rangers and Ninjas, because of their high agility and dexterity, and even make decent Mages as well, because of their average HP and MP pools. They have some difficulty playing Beast-masters or Bards due to the lack of charisma.

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