Have You Still on Your Way to Get a Special Mount in WoW?
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Have You Still on Your Way to Get a Special Mount in WoW?

 We know to have a mount in world of warcraft is not a difficult thing, if you have enough gold. While how about getting a special and unique mount? Getting a special mount in World of Warcraft can not only satisfy your vanity of obtaining something few have, but also gives you an impressive status symbol and a fast way sell World Of Warcraft Gold to get around. Go on this passage to learn the ways to get your special wow mount.
  1. Since we know from reality that sellers will have discount on festivals or special days, there is no exception in world of warcraft. Participate in one of Warcraft's yearly events. Festivals like Brewfest, which occurs annually in October, offer you the chance to get special mounts reserved for a dedicated few. But just need time to grinding or something else.
  2. Some of the players may familiar with a special mount-Winterspring Frostsaber, and want to get one. Since this is an alliance only faction, so horde will not be able to obtain this special mount. To obtain this, you just need to gain exalted reputation. Once you reach exalted, the Winterspring Frostsaber will become available for you to buy.
  3. Play the wow card game. The starter and singles packs that come in the Warcraft booster pack contain a code to enter online and obtain your special mount. Players can get a turtle or spectral tiger for their riding pleasure.

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