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Guide of FFXI

  Q: can you tell Linkshell "intelligence"? Compared with the final fantasy 11 ", the system innovation of what?
  A: Linkshell "through" player and adventure, players in FFXIV can partner more convenient contact each other.On the final fantasy 14 "companion system will be announced shortly after details. And We sell FFXI Gil would provide you the cheapest FFXIV Gold with the fastest delivery.
  Q: what is the "servant" system? Whether his servant individual player?
A: the servant is to help players keep items, players can also help to make servants, even if sales market props, the player is not online servant can also help sell players online. Servant system and companion system are related, players can quickly to experience.
  Q: after tests gamerelease, beta begin, the interval between whether too short, your test before handling the problems found?
  A:alpha A: that's very useful to help our test server stability testing. Our beta will be many times, we will first beta gamerelease fixed the problem during.beta1The length of time and beta1 gamerelease, lasts for 4 hours. beta2 However, if the melee, beta2 will soon begin.The beta2 will open for 24 hours. In early August to be able to develop to beta3, continued to release.

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